My mistakes during last weekend

  1. I posted an item I sold on eBay, without a tracking number. The item hasn’t arrived at the destination, which means it’s probably been lost by Royal Mail, so I’ll have to refund over £100 which I already spent;
  2. I drunk alcohol;
  3. After 8 weeks clean, I took drugs;
  4. I invited a hot Brazilian guy to have sex with me;
  5. He came over and throughout the day he invited 5 guys! 5 strangers in my house.
  6. I invited one guy, someone I really like. We started having sex but the other Brazilian guy took over and finished it off;
  7. In total 7 guys/strangers wandered around my flat, my personal space;
  8. I missed work on Monday;
  9. and took more drugs.
  10. I didn’t read any of my books;
  11. I didn’t do the work I needed to do;
  12. I didn’t go to the gym;
  13. I didn’t eat;
  14. I didn’t sleep; and
  15. I missed 2 days of taking my tablets for depression.

Now I feel horrible, defeated, pathetic, a complete know which needs to be slapped very hard on the face. So this week I start again to head towards week 1, and hopefully I’ll manage until at least week 9.

Big hug to you all and sleep well.

Fernando, the fucking stupid cunt x